All About Technology are at the forefront of Smart Building technology and implementation. Working with main contractors to ensure compliance with the latest standards and formats, we take ownership of the MSI aspect of the project, delivering complete systems.

Visualisation of all of the information can be easily displayed on a tablet, laptop or phone, allowing you to see real time information about how your building, or buildings, are performing. If you have multiple buildings in your portfolio our system allows you to view each building, viewing items such as CO2 levels in a meeting room, space utilisation on a floor, power consumption and much more.

Our App, for IOS or Android allows you to control your building, raise maintenance tickets, view the 3D Digital Twin model, drill down to individual items in a location, or view the O&M manuals for each and every component in the building.

Within the settings you can authorise staff for different levels of access, the system also logs every time a person is on the system, noting changes that have been made. Our Smart Building platform can also notify you of issues before they have even been noticed. By setting parameters for each major unit in the building we can ensure your maintenance issues are indicated straight away.

Need to order a component, no problem, using our system you can identify the item in question, see the price of the unit, who supplies the unit, and place an order, you can then update the Digital Twin with the new component details once installed.